Why the Westover Inn Makes an Ideal Spring Getaway

Part of the appeal of a spring getaway is having a bunch of “spring activities” to do while you’re away.  Something about doing things that scream spring just makes the whole thing more enjoyable.  The other part is having top quality accommodations, which is why the Westover Inn, here in St. Marys, Ontario has been the base for so many spring getaways over the years.
The Westover Inn was built way back in 1867, and it sits on 19 acres on the Thames River.  It was used for a variety of purposes and went through a handful of owners until 1985, when it was purchased with the intent of running an inn.  The property was renovated for 20 months, then was open to the public in 1987.

Unique Accommodations

Today, the Westover Inn has three buildings that are all unique and ideal for a spring getaway.  The Manor is the original estate, and has six guest rooms, each with king-size beds, eleven-foot ceilings and original moldings.  The Thames Cottage was built new in 1985 and offers four very unique guest rooms. The Terrace was originally built in the 1930’s as part of a seminary and renovated in 1985 with twelve rooms of varying sizes. Packages are always available, so it’s just a quick call or search through the website to find a great deal on the room of your choice. All of the rooms offer a variety of amenities to make your visit more comfortable and the dining room has received critical acclaim, so you will want to eat as many meals on-site as possible.

Bring on the Spring!

As for the spring activities that are close by, the river and surrounding area are always beautiful in spring and there are many trails and golf courses around to explore.  However, it is places like The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and the famous Stratford Festival that really make it feel like spring.
The Stratford Festival is a Shakespeare-inspired theatre festival that starts in April every year, ushering in spring with world-class theatre productions.  Nothing signifies the beginning of spring like the arrival of another baseball season. The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame is a museum that is dedicated to Canada’s contributions to the game of baseball, as well as the accomplishments of a select few.
Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic getaway for two, or a fun weekend getaway for the whole family, Westover Inn has everything you will need for a memorable time.